Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My View Today

Wow.  I've been challenged to another, uhhh, challenge.  It's another Photo Challenge.  I may do both, I may quit and do neither, or I may be sporadic, but my blog has had more attention from me in the last week or so than it's had in months.

Day one of this challenge is "My View Today."  My view?  Tonight?  Not pretty.  I was doing our tax return.  How about my view on a harvest-season drive home? (Yup.  I'm already breaking the rules of this one.  There may be no hope for me. Here ya go:
Slow traffic, anyone?


Donna said...

If I wasn't doing the other one I'd do this one. Too many of the subjects are the same, so I'll pass. Maybe if there's a new one in March?

Rachel said...

Amy is waiting until the current one is done before she starts this one. I may do the same, but for today, I did both. I don't follow rules. :)