Tuesday, February 21, 2012

8 Car Pileup

If Kevin hears a traffic report before I get off work, and if it could affect me, he will send me a text to let me know what to avoid.  I received such a text this evening.  "8 Car Pileup on Woods Chapel Road.  Exit ramp closed.  Backup forming on I-70."

In case you don't live around here, Woods Chapel is a 2-lane, in-town road.  The speed limit is probably 30 at best.  Tons of traffic lights dot the path.  Someone found a way to cause an 8 CAR PILEUP???  Ok, let's talk about idiots:

Idiots pay no attention to what is going on 3 or 4 cars ahead.  They brake only if the car ahead of them displays brake lights.  Idiots ride right up on someone's back bumper, and then curse loudly (and flip people off) if that person slows down.

Idiots eat with a spoon, shave, do makeup, and talk on their phone...all while in traffic.  They are quite offended if you DARE cause a delay in their plans.  Nobody else on Earth matters.  It's all me.me.me.  Yet, someone found a way to cause an EIGHT CAR PILEUP on Woods Chapel Road.

Sheesh.  I think I'll take my hot-air balloon to work tomorrow.  It's GOT to be safer than driving.  With IDIOTS.

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Lindie said...

Woods Chapel is an interesting road. It has changed a lot this past year. But I agree with you how can an 8 car pile up happen on it?!!