Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Race...NOT

So, on Sunday, I posted on FB that I couldn't wait to see my first NASCAR race in HD. I was stoked. When they postponed it for rain, my TX friend David mocked "How does a wet track look in HD?" He's an ass hat like that.

Then, someone pointed out that I had DVR now! I could RECORD the race on Monday, and watch it after work! SWEET! The guide didn't update, so I set it to record every show during the time that the race should be on. I had it covered. I thought.

Last night, I got home and checked recordings. Ahem. Apparently, my dear, sweet, darling 12 year old decided to tell the DVR to ALWAYS record Hannah Montana. Yup, you got it. NASCAR race? Nah. Hannah Montana? I got it in spades.

Crappity Crap Crap

I guess I'll see a race in HD in 2 weeks, since they don't race on Easter weekend.



Donna said...

Sounds like you need to have a talk with the daughter so it doesn't happen again. And if DTV is anything like DISH, you can prioritize a show you want to see.

small farm girl said...

You are too funny. But I would have to admit, I would have liked to see it in HD too. Not Hannah Montana

Rachel said...

She's been warned, Mom. LOL

Ass Hat said...

I might remind you that the "someone" who pointed out that you have a DVR was your TX friend David.