Friday, March 12, 2010

41st Birthday, Day 1

Kevin and I get 3 day birthdays. It's a pretty sweet deal. I had plans for today, and they worked out just dandy.

We left home this morning and headed to Independence, after a quick stop at QT for coffee. Our first non-coffee stop was World Market. Love.That.Place. After that, we headed to Salty Iguana for lunch, which was yummy. From there, we checked into the hotel and went straight to Ameristar.

Later in the day brought a trip to Harrah's. My money went WAY faster there, and I know why everyone says they like Ameristar better. Anywho, if you spend 30 minutes gambling, you get a free buffet, so we stood in line to eat. We happened to be behind the mother of a high-school classmate. Ms. Brown was awesome, and we chatted with her and her eldest daughter the whole time we were in line.

There are no pics from most of our day, since casinos don't allow cameras, but here is what I have:

This is our suite, bought with reward points from work travel:

A king bed? What the heck?! The whole family could sleep on this thing.

Our view is incredible! Or not. It's a wall and another hotel. Whatever. Close the curtains, honey.

And finally, here is our room number, in Braille.

See you tomorrow!


Lisa said...

Rachel, Happy early Birthday, Hey I work at World Market, lol. Hugs Lisa

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I read in your Mom's blog that you have a birthday so just wanted to stop by and say Happy Birthday!