Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Change to TV

Direct TV will be here in the morning to install. When we informed Dish Network that we were canceling, they said they'd send a box for us to return their equipment. The outside of the box warns that "this equipment BELONGS to Dish Network and MUST be returned!" Oooh, Scary.

You'll get it all back. Get the you panties out of a wad.

Frankly, I wasn't unhappy with Dish. Their CS was fine, and the programming was up to par. When we asked about HD, and they wanted $140 for the total install price, I got ticked. I don't like to be robbed.

Direct TV will provide HD, DVR and several other perks, included in the standard install. With the savings for the first year, we'll be winning. I don't think the channel selection will vary much. It's like cell service: They all offer the same thing, but a new customer can get a GREAT deal. Existing customers get the shaft.

I hope the guy who installs tomorrow isn't too put off by the wire maze in the living room. 6 speaker wires to a receiver, DVD player, TV and satellite. Yeah, there are a lot of things going on under my TV. My worst nightmare is that he'll throw the receiver in, hook it to the TV, and ignore the rest.

Oh, I can hook up the rest. I've always handled that part of the household. I'm the electronics hag. I just don't want to do it on a Monday evening. We shall see. I hope he's a good guy and hooks it all up.

I'm just sayin'.


small farm girl said...

Oh I hate how the current customer gets the shaff. Hubby always threatens them about moving to another dish and we usually get what we want.

Amy said...

We're doing the same thing! We're paying almost 200 with Time Warner per month. pfft. It's just ridiculous.

Lindie said...

I changed from Dish to AT&T U-Verse last Monday. Savings about $25 a month and I got $300 in gift cards. Well, not yet but it's coming, so they say. Dish had double charged me when I hooked up with them and never gave me a credit for $50. Then they never gave me a credit of $100. when I changed to a DVR.