Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And The Party Never Ends

I took my last dose of oral antibiotics on Saturday.  By Tuesday morning, the infection was back.  By Tuesday afternoon, I was back in the hospital.  This is quite frustrating, but at least they reacted more quickly this time.  Here is the rundown:

I am on IV antibiotics again.  I'm receiving my second dose as I type this.

I'll see someone from infectious disease today.  After that, I'll know more what our plan is.  I always feel better when there is a plan.

I'll likely go home with a PICC line to allow a prolonged course of antibiotics.  Probably a month's worth, but we'll know for sure after "the plan" is in place.

Because of the prolonged course of antibiotics, my reconstructive surgery has to be postponed.  They will NOT do surgery until all traces of infection are gone.  I know this is the only safe way to proceed, but I feel like the carrot that has been dangling in front of me has just been stolen by a feral jackalope.

That is all I know for now.  Kevin left yesterday to tend to me and get me signed in and settled, so he woke at 2 to get to work by 4:00 in order to make up some hours.  I hate that he has to do that, but I sure do appreciate his willingness to do so.  He's a trooper.

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