Friday, October 4, 2013

Just The Facts

In order to not make my pity party public (alliteration amuses me) I shall list only facts.  No opinions or thoughts.  Just facts.

1. I'm out of the hospital and back home.
2. The infection seems to be improving (again.)
3. My antibiotics make me nauseous (puking on I-70 at 6:30 am was a new experience.)
4. My reconstruction is now likely in December, instead of October.
5. I am never to play with my smallest dog unless my arm is wrapped.
6. I'm supposed to be scared of hangnails, never scratch bug bites, and avoid injury to the left arm.
7. I am the ultimate klutz.
8. My therapy for the LE has nearly started over.
9. My therapist will go on maternity leave within 2 weeks, and I'll be going to the plaza and meeting someone new.
10. Kevin doesn't think that Pringles alone can be dinner.

Those are the facts.


Fred Johnsen said...

Kevin has always struck me as a pretty reasonable fellow. He's probably right. Burn some meat.

small farm girl said...

I think Kevin is wrong. The pizza flavored ones count as pizza right? Lol.. Hang in there. At some point it HAS to get better!!!!

Shell said...

Can you take the meds with a piece of toast or something? Do you drink milk (even the chocolate kind)? That might help with the nausea. (Prenatal vitamins GAVE me morning sickness. Pretty twisted, huh? LOL!)

I think that chips are a perfect meal, just like chocolate cake!

Oh, and be glad that Beamer doesn't live at your house. His latest nickname is "Self Petting Dog". If there is an available hand within reach, he will find it and rub himself on it. It's become the running joke around around here.

Hang in there, babe. You have a pretty big cheer squad going here.

Love you!

Back Porch Writer said...

Just letting you know I'm reading. I don't know what to say b/c I want things to start going right and I want you better. I know you are frustrated. I will keep praying and will pray more and harder. God has his reasons for this delay I know. But I wish he would not delay! Just letting you know! And if you need to whine and complain please do. You know I do! lol

Back Porch Writer said...

Oh yeah, sometimes pringles are a must!

Rachel said...

I can't do yogurt because I can't eat dairy, but I do have some probiotics that I'm going to start taking as soon as I have approval to do so.