Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More Boring Health Crap

When the cancer journey is over, I have NO idea what I'll blog about.  I don't even want to blog about endless treatment crap, but I have nothing much else going on.  Busy season at work and endless health crap.  That's my life.

I have contacted out primary care doctor to prescribe the custom fit LE sleeve.  He will send it directly to the lady who will fit me for it.  The therapist also wants me to get a compression pump, because my arm, although slightly better, is still firm and not reacting as well as she'd hoped.

So I have to contact another company to find out of my insurance will pay for this piece of equipment that will work on my arm for an hour a day.  I just sit and let it do it's thing, compressing my arm to get the fluid out.  I may get to stop going to therapy within a week or so, too.  That was nice to hear.  

I was originally told that I'd likely be released to go back to work (after my December 9th surgery) on January 6th.  I saw the paperwork filled out by my doctor today, and it has me out until January 19.  That's not carved in stone, but that means they think there's a chance of my recovery taking 6 weeks instead of 4.  I can't afford to be off that long, so we're going to make sure I go back by the 6th at the latest.  Because I said so.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.


small farm girl said...

I was just wondering, does you arm hurt? Especially when it's being compressed? Just being nosey. I've never heard of this. (But that's not saying much. :). )

Rachel said...

Nope! Not at all. It only hurts when there is an infection.