Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekends, Appointments, and Eating Healthy

I feel like we've really made the most of this weekend.  I always like it when, as a weekend comes to a close, I can think of so many things that we accomplished.  Monica got her hair colored, we got groceries and Wal-Mart necessities, the house is clean, we visited my folks, and we got an estimate on fixing our roof.  PHEW!

I went to the radiologist on Friday.  Although I waited 17 minutes to spend 2 minutes and 20 seconds with him, it was a successful appointment.  I wanted to be all done with him, but he wants to see me one more time in six months.  Why?  I have no idea.  For the insurance money, probably.  He did seem quite pleasantly surprised by how good my skin looks.  You seriously can't even tell I ever had radiation.

Kevin and I jumped on the diet bandwagon.  We've done it before and we know what it takes.  Many people see an overweight person and assume that we just don't know how to eat healthy.   That's not true in the least.  We know how, we just don't do it.

Kevin is doing a low carb diet, but I can't do that.  That is too much meat for me.  I'm just cutting calories, exercising, and tracking everything on My Fitness Pal.  Although I've dieted successfully before, I feel a lot more resolve this time.  My chance of a recurrence of cancer drops significantly the healthier I am.  I don't ever want a repeat of this year.



Donna said...

I can believe you might be more successful this time. You are stronger than you were because you fought a HUGE battle last year. After all that, what's a little bit of self-denial?

Anonymous said...

I'm on Fitness Pal, won't you be my pal? lol Love you and I'm so glad last year is now in the past, here's to a healthy 2013!! TJ

Anonymous said...

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