Saturday, January 19, 2013

An Open Letter of Hatred

Dear Cancer,

I hate you.  I sometimes throw the word "hate" around like most people do.  "I hate generic cola."  Hate is actually a strong emotion that I try not to feel very often.  You, however, seem to be able to bring it out in me.

You've robbed me of a year of my life, and I'm not done yet.  You stole my breast, my energy, my hair, and my sense of well-being.  You even stole my dignity several times.  You cost me more money than I could possibly have come up with on my own.  You kept me from family events and kid's concerts and ball games.

Every time your name comes up, it brings devastation to the faces of anyone in ear-shot.  Nothing good ever comes from a conversation that starts out "Guess who has cancer."  Nothing.   This year, you even found a way to torment a few people for a second time.  Way to go!  You must be so proud.

I found out this morning that you took Bob.  Bob was my friend, you shitball disease.  While Bob isn't currently in pain, everyone who knew him is hurting more than we thought possible.  We'll go on.  We'll say that we defeated you by moving on and living life, but you continue to leave scars...inside and out.

I hate you.


small farm girl said...

I hate you too, cancer!!!! You have taken WAY too many of my family members. Way too early. I too, rarely say I hate something, but you Cancer, I hate with every cell in my body.

Shell said...

We're all feeling it. I've been in tears off and on all day. I'm glad you are holding up as well as can be expected.

FWIW, the JAD Family sent flowers to Char. They will arrive on Monday.

Cancer can kiss my skinny white ass!


Andrea said...


I'm so sorry for your losses... of Bob & of everything cancer has stolen from you, like a thief in the night.

I hate cancer too!!


Drea said...

Cancer is a greedy, devastating disease, and I hate it too. It also stole my young and vibrant cousin. I love that you are continuing to thrive and kick cancer's butt. Love you!