Friday, January 25, 2013

Livin' Life

I spend most of my time working and living day-to-day life.  Just like everyone else does.  I think about cancer and my mortality 5 or 6 times a day, instead of nonstop.  It's getting better.  I made a commitment to live life to it's fullest and stop putting things off.  So far, I feel like I'm doing that as much as possible.  I have to work for a living, so it's not a 24/7 party, but I'm making an effort to enjoy things daily.

Tonight I watched my "little" girl walk across the gym as the freshman candidate for courtwarming queen.

I put "little" in quotes because she is at LEAST an inch taller than me, and only 15 years old.  *sigh*

The courtwarming festivities are between the girl's and boy's games, and the girl's game started at 5:30.  I get off work at 5 and work an hour from here, so I knew I wouldn't see the whole first game, but I figured we'd go as soon as I got home.  Natalie took her clothes, makeup, brush, and other accessories to school, and Monica agreed to help her get ready.

I got home around 6 and Kevin and I headed the four blocks to the school.  We had to park out back, because the cars were spilling out of the lot into the street.  We paid admission and walked toward the gym. Uh oh.  The doorways were filled with people who couldn't find a seat.  Crap.  I was afraid I'd miss seeing Natalie walk.

We finally agreed that we'd sit on the visitor's side, if necessary, even though the candidates would be facing the other way.  And that's what we wound up doing.  Visitor's side or not, we were surrounded by Tiger's fans.  The place was packed.

I got to see Monica playing in jazz band during halftime, and then watched the second half of the girl's game. It was a major blowout.  We kicked their butts.   I almost felt sorry for the opposing team.  Almost.  The jazz band sounded awesome, and I reminded myself that I know most of those kids up there.  I love living in a small town.

Finally, they announced the candidates, two by two.  It was so cool to see Natalie walk with the others.  A senior won queen and a senior won king.  Nobody was hugely surprised or disappointed.  Natalie stepped out of her comfort zone and it went great.

I love my kids.  All four of them.  I'm so happy to be where I am in life.  Life is good.

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