Monday, September 3, 2012

You Just Gotta Laugh

I have fewer "good days" on this drug, and they hit this weekend. Granted, my good days now feel a lot like days when I had the flu, pre-cancer, but I can function.  I got tickled about something on Saturday night and laughed so hard that the girls thought I was crying.

Sunday morning, it happened again. Both girls and I laughed so hard that I nearly hurt myself. I realized, after all had calmed down, that I hadn't laughed that hard in over a month.  Later yesterday, Kevin and the girls were gone, so I went to see Mom and Dad.  As is typical for visiting them, there were quite a few laughs.

The past few days have made me realize that uninhibited, hard, tear-inducing laughter is something that cancer/chemo has stolen from me, and I think I miss it more than I miss my hair. I have two more days before my next round of chemo, and I plan to laugh every chance I get.

Having only four good days out of 14 will wake a person up to what is lacking.  Laughter has been seriously lacking around here.  I'll have to see what I can do about that.  This goof ball usually helps in that department, even when demanding my attention that is being directed at blogging.


Donna said...

It's going to be hard to laugh around home if you are asleep by 5 P.M. Or do you plan to laugh in your sleep? I've always said one of the main reasons for having a dog is that they make you laugh when nothing else around you is funny.

Rachel said...

Hey! I was up past 9 last night!

Shell said...

Interesting that you mention laughter. It was during my period of severe, suicidal, manic-depression that I found JAD. While I won't give Ray all of the credit for saving my life, I will say that I got to each day at least smiling instead of wanting to be dead.

Staying up past 9? You WILD WOMAN! :)

Love You!

Shell said...

er... *Begin* each day. Damn fingers.