Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Feelin' Good Weekend

Friday, after work, I didn't even have enough energy in reserve to go to a football game and watch my girls in the marching band.  Busy season is amping up at work, and the cumulative side effects of treatment find me tiring easily. I was bummed about missing it, but I felt I'd pay a high price, physically, if I pushed too far past the point that my body told me to stop.

Fortunately, I woke up feeling pretty darned great yesterday.  It was one of those few days when I nearly felt pre-cancer "normal." I was to have the girls at the dentist by 9, and decided to take advantage of the good day and run the roads with them afterwards, just having fun.

We went to a few thrift stores, which is one of Monica's favorite activities, but her mouth was sore as the numbness wore off, and her heart wasn't in it. As lunch time approached, her Advil was kicking in, and she was more like herself.  We stopped at 54th Street and invited Brett to join us.  It was nice to laugh and have a good time with all three of them.  Jon was missing, but Kevin is down South, visiting him, so I guess it was "divide and conquer." LOL

After lunch, we went to Deals, dropped Brett off at his house, and then went to WalMart. That's where we were when I hit the wall.  I needed a nap ASAP.  We got out of there, grabbed a happy hour drink at Sonic, and got home. My kids are hilarious, though, and I had laughed more yesterday than I have in a long time. I probably needed a nap to recover from laughing!

Later last night, Monica woke from her nap feeling awful.  I hope it's just a bad bout of allergies, since I was in close quarters with her all day.  She didn't have a fever, so maybe that's it. She sneezed no fewer than 100 times, and I say that with no exaggeration. I sure hope she feels better today.

I slept later than usual this morning, but already have a good jump on the housework. I am getting the full benefit of feeling good, since my final chemo is coming up on Wednesday.  Final chemo. What a great thing to type. I may feel like a leftover crap sandwich next weekend, but I'm using every inch of the runway THIS weekend.  And I still have half of the weekend to go.


Jon said...

It's fantastic that you're able to summon up as much energy as you do - - and it's encouraging that you're final chemo is coming up. I have several relatives who've gone through chemo and it truly is HELL.

I saw the photos (&video) that your Mom posted of the game and the marching band. It reminded me of when I was in high school a thousand years ago.
Take care & hang in there!

Tammy Johnson said...

I had a weekend of being around almost (-Brandon)all my kids at once, very rare but I had a great time. Can you believe Ben turned 25, crap I'm old. Love you and so glad that you are getting to your final chemo treatment.

Anonymous said...

What a great thing for you to type & what a great thing for us to read(last chemo). I'm lovin' this whole entry.
You shine in this more than you realize. ~Mary

ps I have some work to do & actually logged on just to see how you are feeling. Very glad I did.

Shell said...

Tomorrow's the big day, eh? I say good riddance to the energy-robbing drugs!

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow...


P.S.: Call my cell if you want to chat.