Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WHAT a Tuesday

Work was crazy busy, but I kicked butt and took names. I got it all accomplished, and then some. Felt good to not leave work wondering if something wasn't done.

Kevin's unemployment had stopped about 4 weeks ago. Understand that we can NOT afford to live here on only my income. There was a letter on Friday that he would get it again, including what he's missed. We were squeaking by, barely, and finally had to ask my folks for a bit of help this past weekend. Gotta love it when parents can help. (this will come into play again in another paragraph or two.) Kevin's back pay kicked in today.

Jon (my stepson) and his girlfriend came up and took Monica to Van's Warped Tour. Kevin bought their tickets in February, when things were sunnier. Monica's wanted to go forever, and she had her chance. They all had a ball, and she participated in her first mosh pit! ACK! Jon is a tall and muscular dude, so he had her under his wing. Still, I'm glad I didn't know until it was over. LOL

Today, I went to work and the others rested up, waking kind of late and recovering. Jon and Lindsey left this afternoon to head home. Before too long, I got a call from Kevin. Apparently, they're car was acting up something horrible, and they were too late for a mechanic. Also, they're pretty broke from young life and driving 150 miles to attend a concert.

Kevin drove the hour plus to Harrisonville, and made arrangements for the car to be repaired tomorrow morning. The guy even let them buy their own power steering pump instead of paying a mark-up.

Now, they're all here. We've had dinner and everyone is happy for the time being. The catch is, we're buying a power steering pump and labor for them. They HAVE to get home. They have jobs and they can't afford to do it. My folks help me, I help my kids. It's how it works.

Meanwhile, life keeps churning on, in the 102 degree heat, and we're getting by. What else can you do, other than just get by? We have a trip planned a week from Friday, and I'm really hoping nothing messes it up. I HAVE to go. Not because I HAVE to, but because I WANT to! LOL Here's hoping!


FrankandMary said...

It's how it works. I agree. And it seems everyone appreciates the help they get. ~Mary

Lindie said...

fingers crossed!