Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Stuff

Wow, have we had a few days of good news! Tim got hired last week to work where I work. That's fabulous and we'll share a ride and split the fuel cost. This means me leaving earlier in the mornings when he's on 10 hours, but it's worth it to cut my fuel in half. I can always have some computer time at my desk instead of in the recliner at home. LOL

Kevin had a few job prospects that he was working on. O'Reilly was one of them, and we kept wondering why they wouldn't call. They would say, "Call us in a few days." He would call and they would say, "We'll call you at the beginning of next week." I was getting frustrated. I should have just shut up and let it happen, though. Why?

He got a call yesterday from the temp place that hires for the place my Dad works. They asked him to do the drug test today and start tomorrow! WooHoo! This is steadier work and more $$ than O'Reilly by quite a bit. If all goes well, the job will hire him full-time after he does his stint with the temp service. Right now, he's on days, but they may switch him to 2nd shift later. If they do, he can ride with Dad and Dad's neighbor and split fuel with them.


Brooke is coming up this weekend and bringing Tim's dog. He'll be happy to have his dog here. He'll be happy to see his mom, too. Don't get me wrong. LOL I'm excited to see Brooke and hang out a bit, even though it will be a short visit.

Tim had to be in at 6 this morning, so we left at 10 til 5. I knew we could leave at 5 and be fine, but better safe than sorry, right? Well, the traffic was so light at that hour that we got here in 40 minutes! Holy Cow! That's at least 15 minutes faster than usual. Good to know. We won't leave before 5 any more. He won't always start at 6, either, so I won't have to get up at 4 every day. Thank goodness.

Anyway, we went from a 1-income house to a 3-income house in just a few short days. I just keep walking around smiling. Things are looking up! There is so much to be happy and thankful for. Now I think I'd better start getting some things done. I'm here, so I may as well start working!


Toon said...

Rockin' good news! So glad things are looking up -- take a deep breath and enjoy.

Wishing for my turn said...

new follower here...CONGRATS to Tim!