Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy week

Tonight was freshman orientation (Monica) and 7th grade orientation (Natalie.) I missed both. I miss a lot of things. I guess this is a reason to be glad that Kevin is home right now. They have someone at home to take care of this while I work.

Tonight, a late customer kept me a bit after 5. A couple of wrecks on the interstate later, and I knew I'd miss being on time. I called both girls to see how upset they'd be. They were WAY more interested in seeing old friends than in what parent attended. Cool. Not the "bad mom" this time.

I came home, they were gone. I laid out what I'd fix for dinner (since they'd get home at 8, starving) and had an hour to use to my advantage. I vacuumed out my car, and then washed it. Money saved. About the time I was finishing, the family pulled into the drive. ACK! I haven't started dinner yet!

Turns out, they forgot the supplies that they wanted to put in lockers, and Dad brought them home to get them. PHEW! They left again, I finished the car, and then I started dinner. As it finished simmering, they got home. Perfect timing.

In 48 hours, I'll have a house full of family and TX friends. Friday, we leave for OH. Wow, what a week. Color me STOKED!

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