Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthdays, Dead Birds, and Road Trips

What a week, and the next one is going to be even crazier. Awesome, but crazy. I can't believe how little I've been online.

Kevin's birthday was Wednesday. He requested carrot cake, so we did that. He's not getting his gift until tomorrow, since it needed a ride from Carthage. It's riding with his Mom, who will be here (with his grandma) tomorrow. We both looked for this gift and she found it at a better price than I could come up with in KC.

Thursday, the fledgling swallows on the West side of the house left home too early. The cat got four of them, and one was hopping around. The girls kept moving it under the bushes and hiding it from the cat. At one point, Natalie went out and saw that the cat had gotten it. When she went to move it, it moved a bit, so she knew it was alive.

It was roughed up quite a bit and panting hard, so we brought it in and after about an hour, it started perking up. It ate a bit, lived through the night, and even pooped once, so we had hope. Friday morning, he was tweeting up a storm and still eating well and giving us hope. Friday afternoon, he just stopped breathing. They buried him under the tree in the back yard. Natalie is sad about it, but I'm glad she tried.

We have Kameron for the weekend, and Brett came to stay, too. She's napping now, as is most of the house. Kevin is changing oil in the vehicles and I'm watching some LAME movies. Seriously, they are bad.

We have a trip to OH to make next weekend, so we're staying home and not spending any money or fuel this weekend. Gotta be tight wads, even more than usual. It's worth it, though. I am stoked for this upcoming week.

Have a great weekend!


Amy said...

Lame movies...are they from the 80s? Because those are bad.

Carrot cake...frickin' love carrot cake! (but then again, is there really a cake I don't like?)

Rachel said...

These are from the last 10 years, but it's stuff I've never heard of, and within 10 minutes I know why I've not heard of them. LOL The ratings are 1/2 star, etc.

I'm not a huge fan of sweets, but I do like carrot cake, too.