Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's a Boy!

Wow, it's dusty in here and there are cobwebs in the corners. Poor neglected blog. I've been crazy busy, but mostly in a good way. Last weekend was our party in OH, and we had a ball. I'm just now starting to feel normal (we got home Sunday evening) but it was worth it. Smokin' Hot Neon gained 1300 miles!

Kevin's unemployment ran out 2.5 weeks ago, and we were scared. With help again from Dad, which will be repaid today, we made it through, and the unemployment has been reinstated. It seems that things have to be edge-of-your-seat around here, but we keep pulling through. Kevin had an interview yesterday, so keep your fingers crossed.

Since Brooke and Tim were here for the party over the weekend, we kept Tim. He'll start interviewing and find a job to get established before his mom comes up. He's pretty awesome. His mom has a lot of nicknames for him, so I felt he needed one here. I tried T-dawg, but everyone laughs at me when I say it. Whatever.

Tim is 20 and quiet and helpful and respectful and fun. Funny as heck, too, like his mom. He's offered a lot of entertainment in the few days he's been here. The girls are happy that he has guitar hero, too. Bonus! As the three returning Texans were leaving Monday morning to head home, Brooke sent Kevin a text that said, "Congratulations, it's a boy!" Too funny.

Today, the girls start back to school. Monica was up and showered when I went to wake them. Natalie? Not so much. She's working on it, though. OH! She just came upstairs. I guess they'll get ready on time after all. Kevin's awake now, too, so I guess I can head to work. I was worried they wouldn't get up in time to get ready for school.


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