Monday, June 29, 2009

New blog look

Wow. I have nothing to say, but my new blog layout gets a notice. LOL Just kidding. I am always too busy to update, but had some "bored" time this past weekend, so I played with blogger settings.

Natalie is home from Grammy's, but Monica is back down there, with a chance to work at the camp for actual $$$! A kid her age? With an income? She is stoked.

I had a rough day, but they are getting fewer and farther between. Where I sit, I had Patty facing me, and others were around a corner or across a large gap. Today, folks were laughing and talking about something, and I told BWF Michelle that I felt left out. She asked why and I said, "I'm alone over here!" as I nodded at Patty's desk. Instantly, I teared up. Damn. I'm tired of this, for sure.

This is a short week, due to the holiday, so there are only 3 days left. It'll be fine. I'm filling in for others, most of the time, but we're in the summer slow-down, so it's manageable. So much coming up, and so much to do. Glad that time will be there to do it all.

Happy Independence Day eve, eve, eve, eve, eve, ya'll.

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