Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Have I told ya'll that you're awesome lately?

I had a better day today.  It was tough, don't get me wrong, but we went through Patty's desk, readied a box for her husband to pick up, and started wading through customer stuff that needed to be tended to.  Make a call, tell someone that she's gone, and then tell them that we found (fill in the blank) and we're sending it to them.  It was emotionally exhausting, but it was cleansing, too.  The prayers have been awesome and I've truly felt them.  Thank you.

On a lighter note, I've been married for 14 years, today.  We agreed (after each having divorced before) that if we made it 10 years, we'd not divorce, because it's a pain in the neck.  On our 10th anniversary, I looked at him and said, "so?"  He answered, "yeah."  That was it.  He's stuck with me.

On the topic of Kevin, he finally got approved for a Dr. appointment, which he went to today.  The Dr. said that he needed a cortisone shot.  He explained that the other 9 that he's had cause severe pain and haven't helped, but Dr. explained that "he does it different."  Yeah, that's what the other Dr.'s have said.

He got the shot. It caused horrible pain.  It didn't help.  OK, we'll see.  His Dr. released him to go to work with a "no lifting" limitation.  Said employer explained that they had nothing for him to do, if he can't life 7027 lbs by himself.  OK, it was something like that.  So, he's still not working.

What that means is that he's on 66% pay, and has been for several weeks. It's hard to explain how much that sucks.  It's cool that he's here to be with the girls and take care of life stuff, but it sucks to wonder, each night, how long I can keep my home.  I love my humble home.  It's little, and it's old, but it's MINE!

Oh yeah, and on a side note:  The Dr. told him "You need to find a new job."  This is because the current employer keeps tearing him up, physically.  Kevin said, "Awesome, Doc.  How about you write that down?  How about you write down that I should find a new job."  Yeah, Kevin's a smart ass.  I guess said Dr. doesn't know that the current economy doesn't produce a lot of jobs.  
I guess he doesn't know that I've looked for a second job to help, and that everyone is fighting for the few jobs that are out there.  I guess, in these "tough economic times" (sorry) he doesn't realize that nobody is going to hire a 43 year old guy, with an injury which prohibits lifting *anything*, and an active workman's compensation case.  *sigh*

Thanks, Doc.  That's good advice.  We'll get him out, right away, to find that job.


Astaryth said...

So sorry about your friend, it's tough to lose someone so young. Hugs to you for doing what has to be done.

Happy Anniversary. You two are so perfect for each other. It sucks that Kevin is hurting, and that Dr. isn't much help. Hang in there.

Hollie said...

Praying for you on all accounts! Happy Anniversary!

Donna said...

Well, happy anniversary anyhow. And remember, as long as you have life and family and enough to eat, it's worth going on.

Oh, the town across the river? Camden. The other town with a similar name I was trying to remember? Camdenton.

Rachel said...

LOL, thanks, Mom.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. I love the pragmatic why you 2 look at the 10 year marriage mark.

I am sorry about your friend. In these tough times, at least your family has YOU. The house is nice, as is extra money, but they can't replace Mom. ~Mary

Carlene Noggle said...

It is always so easy for others to be able to tell you "what to do" but they tend to offer little advise on "HOW to do it" ...I BE PRAYING FOR YOU BOTH,
love ya,

Sonya said...

Not sure how things work in your state but if he has a workers comp case and if he is going to have restrictions such that he won't be able to work again OR if he will have permanent disability rating - he will be due a settlement. He needs an attorney b/c an attorney can look out for his interests and usually get a bigger settlement/payout. I'm sure you all have either done that or have thought about it. Once you read this feel free to delete the comment! ha.

And I'm sorry that you lost your coworker. I know this has been difficult.

Celeste said...

So sorry about Kevin. PLease remember no lifting at home either. Sooner or later if not already they will have investigators looking at him to disprove his claim. That means they WILL sneak around and take pictures.
Happy Anniversary!

My prayers to you. Fight to keep your house.