Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday is my friend

Today should have been horrible.  People were with clients, on vacation, and otherwise busy.  We had 4 people on the phones, instead of 8-12.  ACK!  We all prepped to do whatever we could.  The phones came on, and they were kind to us.  VERY kind.  Heck, we had time to laugh and visit between calls!  Fridays are quieter in the summer, so we knew it was doable, but it was almost EASY!

I left work at 5, after picking up a gift from a coworker.  She is Korean and knows that Kevin and I like spicy food.  She sent me home with some spicy pork, still in the marinade, ready for grilling.  We'll have that tomorrow.  I fueled up and headed home.

When I arrived, I found visitors!  Brett and Cassie (his girlfriend) were here with Kameron.  Sweet!  She is 6 months old now, and so fun.  That dimple melts me every time.  On top of it all, dinner was coming off the grill as I pulled into the drive.  Yes, I had a blessed day.

Now, I'm in my bed with a cold beverage, a bag of Doritos, a chick flick, a laptop, and the a/c.  Life is good, my friend.  Life is good.

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Amy said...

Air Conditioning. I love it so.