Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Macintosh fairy tale

Once upon a time, there was a crabby customer service rep.  She grumbled about her needs, and finally told her boss, "I'm tired of only have 2 people that can support Mac users.  We need more people who can support Mac!"

The boss, in all her wisdom, declared that grumpy customer service rep should be assigned a Mac, in order to support customers.  Grumpy customer service rep said:

So, yeah.  Crabby customer service rep was me, and I started learning Mac.  I love it, and I'm getting better all the time, but I often try to think the long way around a problem, forgetting that Mac makes everything easier.

For instance, today Monica got her hair cut.  Remember that she's far from home, at Grammy's house?  Yeah, she asked before she went if she could do something radical with her hair.  I told her that it was fine, but if anything wasn't school-appropriate, we'd dye it back in the fall.  

Her cousin, Courtney, does hair at a hi-end salon in SW Missouri, near Grammy.  They went.  I got a picture message on my phone today, showing Monica's new 'do.  It is cute as can be, but my phone shows images so small.  What can you expect from a free cell phone?

I tried to forward to facebook mobile.  no go.  I tried to forward to an email address.  no go.  I tried everything I knew to make this image big enough to see.  no go.  I was getting so frustrated, but kept trying.

While going through options on my phone, I saw the word "bluetooth" and hesitated.  Wait!  Sweet sweet Mac has bluetooth!  Could I really do it?  Could I send the image directly to the Mac, without trying all of these "jumping through hoops" tricks?  Could it be true?

*sigh*  Yeah.  It was that easy.  The image is lo-res, but it's here.

Why do teen age girls take every image from above and from the side?  Oh well.  I got it, and that's all that matters.  I've asked Monica to have her Aunt Susan take a digital picture and email it to me, so we'll see the full effect soon.  The purple streaks are weaves (I have no experience with these) and can be washed, combed, etc as if it were her own hair.

She's happy, so I'm happy.

I guess we lived happily every after.


Donna said...

This picture makes me wish I still had knees so I could go with my granddaughters to Vans's Warped Tour.


Anonymous said...

sniff, sniff.... i'm so happy :D

another mac convert!


Rhianna said...

Its not just teens. I (and all my 20 something female cousins) do the up and to the side pic as well. Its more flattering. Try it out.

Amy said...

I like the purple! Send her this way.....we are dye experts! What color are we going for next?!

Traci said...

Love that you are learning Mac. I used to know my way around but that was eons ago. PCs are my life now. I did switch to firefox recently and really like it better than IE. Just a little aside there. Love the girl's hair! Weaves look like fun!