Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Live in a Crazy House

I came home with Papa Murphy's pizza to cook for dinner.  I brought it and some other stuff in.  Nobody was around.  I made another trip to the car to get the WalMart stuff from this morning's stop, as well as my computer, etc.  I brought that in and still saw nobody.

The dogs were out of food and water.  The dishes hadn't been done.  There were 8 Diet Coke cans on the counter, waiting to be crushed.  The trash cans were still by the curb.  I wasn't happy.  I fed and watered the dogs, told the girls to DO something to help out, and started dinner.

Monica wants to have a friend over tomorrow night, but has no way to get here.  She could come over after school, but there are no adults here, so I said "no" to that plan immediately.  I offered to pick her friend up after picking up Kameron tomorrow night.  *sigh*  OK, fine.

Natalie is planning to spend the night with a friend after school tomorrow for friend's birthday.  She'll ride the bus there.  I asked if she'd packed yet, and she hadn't.  *sigh*  She packed, and said that she didn't have a gift.  Umm, OK?  I started calling Kevin about 2 minutes after he got off work.  No answer.  I tried and tried for over 30 minutes.  Nothing.  *sigh*

Finally, he answered and said that he forgot to take his phone off the silent mode.  It was too late.  No more towns on his way home.  I told him that I'd get up at 4 in the morning and go to OG to get a gift card or something.  He said that he could drive South from there and get to OG in no time.  Thanks, Kevin.

Natalie wanted to get B-day friend a  piñata. What?  Yes, last year, her  piñata didn't measure up, and Natalie offered to bring one to this year's party.  Umm, no.  You're not toting a piñata to school, on the bus to a friend's house, and making that your gift.  No.  How about an iTunes card?  Oh, she has no internet.  Umm, OK, it's a WalMart gift card in a greeting card.  Done.  *sigh*

Kevin's on his way home.  He has birthday swag, although it's not a piñata. The night is crazy, and normal.  Normal for here.  Nothing is ever normal.  Nothing is ever easy.  At least I get to pick up Kami tomorrow and spend some quality time with her.  She's not crazy yet.  Give her time.  She'll join the rest of us in the insanity soon enough.


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