Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here Comes the Cold-Want Some Homemade Food?

It was beautiful last week.  Pretty good over the weekend.  Tolerable yesterday.  Better today.  Will be nice tomorrow.  Let's stop there, because Thursday's forecast makes me want to kick a puppy.  LOL

The girls are doing better tonight.  They didn't kill each other, and didn't even look like they wanted to.  Win!

When Kevin was not working, he had dinner done when I got home.  It was fabulous.  When he worked days, he got home before me and had dinner done when I got home.  It was fabulous.  He took care of dinner during the week, and I would cook up a storm on the weekends.  Big breakfasts, big dinners, and several things to help with lunches during the week.

Now, Kevin doesn't get home until 9.  That means that I get to come home and start dinner, and we hope to eat by 7.  Then there are dishes, etc.  You know, the stuff that mothers do every night of every week.  That's what I'm doing, and that's fine.

However, when the weekends come, I don't WANT to do all the extra cooking.  I don't make the giant batch of tuna salad.  I don't cook ahead.  I just can't find the joy in doing that, after doing it all week after work.  So, I was pouting in the kitchen tonight (I have to stay in the kitchen while the oven is on, don't ask) and feeling sorry for myself for not getting a cooking break.

And then it hit me:  I have food to cook.  I have a family to cook for.  I have appliances to cook with.  I have a warm house in which to cook.  I feel like a total TOOL for feeling sorry for myself.  Life is good.  No, life is GREAT!  This weekend, I will cook up a storm for these people that I love.  Yup.  That's the plan.  I hate it when I get whiney, but I love it when I get smacked in the head with reality enough to appreciate what I have.


Donna said...

You also have two daughters who can wash dishes. I'm just telling you this because this is what Cliff will tell me when he reads this tomorrow.

Lisa said...

Rachel, what a great entry! Sometimes we all forget how blessed we are. You've motivated me today to look at my blessings again and be thankful.

Anonymous said...

Consider using a crockpot so that when you get home, your meals are mostly ready. Also, there are make ahead meals that you can make on the weekend and put in the freezer.

Isn't interesting that we women have to do it all these days? Hold down a job, make gourmet meals, have an immaculate designer house, have spoiled children with all the latest clothes and electronics, be fit and gorgeous.

I know this isn't really true for you, but your mom, Donna, is right, your girls could do dishes. Many kids these days have few or no chores.

Lindie said...

Not only that, you should assign one night during the week when each of them makes a meal. My mother was a stay at home mom and she still did that. I learned to cook when I was 10 and my older sister never did. Her nights we had hot dogs and macaroni and cheese from a box. We all survived. I remember tearing up the stuffing bread for my mom when I was about 8. And I was a champion pizza maker in high school!