Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feels Like Spring!

It's amazing what a warm day will do for a person's spirits.  I was sitting around this morning, contemplating what to do with the sun shining, when an ad came on TV for the Lawn and Garden Show in Kansas City.  That's not anything I would typically get fired up about attending, but I immediately thought of Mom.  Yup, she would enjoy that, and I'd get out of the house and into the sunshine.

It was cool when we left her house, but the sun was shining brightly and we headed out.  The first stop was to drop Kameron off with her dad.  When I got out of the car there, it was a bit warmer.  Arriving at the American Royal brought temps even a bit warmer, although the breeze was kind of cool.

The L&G show was typical.  Some fun things to see, give aways to sign up for, and fancy patio setups to be jealous of.  We saw the whole thing and got a few freebie samples of stuff and some brochures of other stuff.  When we left, it was darn near perfect outside.

We stopped at Aldi, since I needed groceries and then it was Happy Hour and Mom was buying!  WooHoo!  I never knew mom could drink that much!  Every day is an adventure, huh?

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Donna said...

Yeah, that's me. Last of the big-time spenders, splurging almost $2.50 on those drinks.