Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Go Chiefs! Go Hawkeye!

I made the mistake of staying up until 10:40 to watch the first half of the Chiefs game. Mistake because I get up at 4. I'm doing pretty well, considering. The QT mocha doesn't hurt anything. I hadn't planned on watching any of the game, though. I just sat down to watch a few minutes and we were really doing good!

I don't mean to sound surprised, but, well, I'm surprised! I hope this is a sign of the season to come. We haven't had a good season in some time. The game made it apparent that there is a lot to work on, but a win's a win. And I got to see the awesome 94 yard punt return by Dexter McCluster for a TD. That was impressive.

It stormed last night, and is still raining this morning. I think it's supposed to rain today and tomorrow. I've NEVER seen our yard this green in September. Usually, by mid-August, it's brown and crunchy. It's nice to arrive home to that pretty yard.

We made it so the dogs can get onto the back porch. Brooke and Tim's dogs are used to being inside dogs, so we didn't want to just turn them out into the elements. Besides, we've been looking for a solution for Hawkeye during weather events, too. So they have a way onto the back porch now, but Hawkeye wasn't having any of it.

He thinks that Rayne and Ame have cooties, and he'd rather stay out in the elements than to be near them. Phooey on girls. Until last night, that is. I happened to be back there when I heard big fat raindrops hitting the deck, so I called him. He came in! He kept his distance from those horrible woman dogs, but he stayed in all night. It's so funny to watch him. He acts like Mom's dog does to him. Iris thinks Hawkeye has cooties, too.

OK, time to get back to it. I have an hour before the Tuesday meeting, and I can get a lot done in an hour!

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Toon said...

I noticed traffic this morning was lighter than usual -- I think a lot of people called in sick today. Good for them.