Thursday, September 2, 2010

Friday Eve

It's Friday Eve!

Tim is doing great at work, but going from not working to 10-hour days is wearing him out. His job demands that he stand and walk all day, so it's kicking his butt. Kevin started his new job yesterday, and he stood all day, too. That kicked *his* butt. I had a very busy day, although I sat through most of it, but it kicked *my* butt. We were all pretty beat last night, to say the least.

Still, it's awesome to have three incomes in the house. It's going to help SO much. Kevin said that his job is not difficult, and the people are great, so as soon as his body is used to standing all day, he'll be fine. He got to see Dad yesterday afternoon, too, so I think that made him happy. He also found out that he gets to work Saturday. Bonus!

Coming in early has been interesting. Driving in the dark (and twice this week in the rain) is something I'm not used to. That usually doesn't happen until winter. Also, spending 11 hours here makes me pretty beat when I get home. However, I can get SO much done in those couple of hours! By the time my coworkers show up, I've gotten over several of the hurdles that would have been difficult once the front doors are open.

I don't work the entire time, though. I use about 30 minutes to catch up on blogs and update my own. I can check my message boards and see how the morning is going for my FB friends. When busy season hits hard, I probably won't be able to do that, but for now, it's working out great.

Tomorrow is Friday, which always puts me in a good mood. It's going to be busy, but good. After work, I'll drive home and we'll all head to the high-school football game. I'll have to leave a bit early, since I'm driving someone to Union Station to catch a train. Kevin was going to do it, but he gets to work Saturday now, and I can sleep in. LOL

After the game, Natalie is having a few girls over to spend the night for a belated B-day sleepover. Saturday, I'm taking her to buy some boots (a belated B-day gift from us) and Sunday, Brooke will arrive for a visit. Monday? L.A.Z.Y. if I get my way.

Have a great Thursday!

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