Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chuggin' Along

We had a great weekend. Brooke came to visit and brought one of Tim's friends with her. He was surprised and I think it really made him happy. She also left his dog, Rayne, up here, and we decided that her sister should stay as well. Ame has been bitten by rattle snakes twice in her life, and September is a bad time for that. Also, since they've been together since infancy, I hated to see them split up.

They're great dogs. We were wondering about the food situation, since they don't eat the same kind, but Brooke said that, if Hawkeye would change (he will...hers is better food) then she'll just buy it all. She has more dogs eating it! LOL Works for me. We made the back porch accessible to them, which will make it easier for Hawkeye to escape the weather, too. They are all getting along fine, after a day or two of posturing.

Kevin's doing well on his job, and so is Tim. It's interesting to have 3 people getting ready for work in the morning, when it was just me for so long. The girls are adjusting to getting themselves up and around. Yesterday, after Kevin woke them up and left for work, they both fell back to sleep. I spent 45 minutes calling one, and then the other, to no avail. Finally, Natalie answered. They got to school in time. Phew!

We made it pretty clear last night that they would need to mature about setting and hearing alarms, or they could go back to the bedtime from elementary school years. They did NOT want to do that. This morning, I tried to call answer. Then I dialed answer. GREAT! Then, I get an email that Monica had tagged me in a photo on FB. LOL They were awake, but not near the phones. Good for them!

Since Tim has to be at work at 6 most days, I get up at 4 and we're gone a few minutes after 5. It's crazy early for my normal shift, but I get SO much done when nobody is here and the phones are off. It's nice to start the day without feeling like I'm behind. I can answer emails, check voicemails, move orders and take care of the work blog. It still allows time for me to do some "me stuff," too. LOL

When Brooke was here over the weekend, she brought some Israeli melons. I'd never had them, and the appear to be similar to cantaloupe. She said they're "gross," which made me really want to try them. I finally cut into one last night, and they're pretty good! I have some in my lunch today. There is one whole melon left, and it's for Mom. Brooke asked specifically that I get one to her. I'll take it by tonight or in the morning, since they really need to be consumed soon. Maybe I can take down her mini blinds while I'm there.

OK, back to work. This weekend will find us at Bass Pro, the ninja store, and possibly me getting a hair cut. Lots of fun stuff! This leftover hurricane rain should be gone by then. Today though? Rain all day. Green grass is lasting longer than I've ever seen this year. Sweet!

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