Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vision and Special Friends

So, today was the day. Eye doctor day. Once a year, when my Flex spending money is renewed, we go spend close to half of it at the eye doctor. We're a blind family. Kevin, Monica, and I all wear contacts, and keep glasses around for evenings and times when we can't wear the contacts. Natalie was border line last year, and needs glasses this year. Monica has an astigmatism and needs 4 gazillion dollar contacts AND glasses.

Yeah, we pay a LOT to see. Kevin is going with mono vision this year...one lens for close up, the other for distance. We'll see how that works. Most people do fine with it. Monica had one eye get worse, and the other better. Kevin's vision didn't change. My eyes got worse. Both eyes. One was pretty significant, so I put in the new contacts before leaving the office. IT'S A MIRACLE! I CAN SEE!

Anywho, we can see again, and my flex money is nearly half gone. Next year, we'll do it again. It's OK, though. Kevin and I both have flirty crushes there. We don't have the crush, but there is an employee that has a crush on him, and another with a crush on me. That's flattering, right?

Umm, no.

Kevin's "special friend" is named Daniel, and my "special friend" is named Michelle. *sigh* Oh well. At 41, we all need someone to want us. I'll take it. Well, not really, but...you know what I mean! Love you, Michelle. See you next year!

Oh wait, we still have to go pick up our glasses when they come in. *sigh*


Donna said...

Welcome to middle age. I remember it well. The good part is that your vision won't decline this fast again until you get cataracts. Good luck.

Sonya said...

Well at least you can see again!