Sunday, April 18, 2010

The difference between boys and girls

I put this on facebook, but Mom suggested I blog it. I guess there may be people out there who don't understand the difference between boys and girls. I'll help you out here. Having raised both, I'm sure I know the difference.

Kevin states it this way: Boys take crime and pestilence out into the world; Girls bring it right home to daddy. I know that boys will kick each other's butt, breaking lamps in the process, and then they're off and playing...they're over it. Girls will say "you look fat in that" and then not speak for 72 days.

I have pictures, though, that will explain further. We had a BBQ here yesterday afternoon. Lots of fun with friends and family. I had a blast, and it seemed that everyone else did, too. At one point, a game of catch turned into a football game. Boys vs. Girls seemed to be what was happening. When you're actually playing football, you have to huddle and decide on the plan.

Here is the boys huddle.

See? It's all business. "You run a lateral while I rush the linebacker and you go for the TD, OK?" I'm not sure what is really said in a huddle, but it has to be something like that. Anyway, they're all business. From 21 year old Brett, to almost 15 year old Cole, to 5 year old Griffen...they're all serious about this game. Like their very lives depend on the outcome.

And then, there's the girl's huddle. It's a bit different. It looks like this:

They're over there saying things like this: "Do you like these shoes?" "Dude, they're awesome!" "Seriously, did you see that guy at the homecoming game, he was H.O.T." and "OMG, I *so* love your pants!"

Not a word about football, not a word about strategy, and I'm not even sure they knew they were PLAYING football. The guys huddled, so the girls got together. They got together, and they fellowshipped. They were happy about the huddle. They liked it WAY better than the actual game.

Seriously? Look at this:

Business on the left, girl talk on the right. It's the way of the world.

Get used to it. Oh, and do these jeans make me look fat? Wait. Don't answer that. I ate a lot of BBQ last night.


Toon said...

Yeah. I always wanted to be on the girls side because I seriously didn't understand one word that was aid in the huddle. Lateral? What the hell is a lateral?

Hollie said...

OH I LOVE THIS!!!!! Thanks for sharing. I have a lot of sweet little nieces...well grown nieces now. I have helped a lot in their raising. By the time I got pregnant with my own child.....hopeing for a girl....don't tell my son though, shhhhhhh.....I got a boy instead. Thank You Lord for MY SON! You knew exactly what I really needed, because he's keeps me on my toes. Anway, boy was I in for a surprise after helping raising all those sweet little girls. Man is there ever a difference between boys & girls. Thanks for sharing this Racel! It brough back a lot of sweet memories!