Monday, July 29, 2013

Moving On

I returned to work this morning.  I am extremely tired, but it was doable and I'm home now.  Last week sucked and I hope to never repeat those feelings again.  I was depressed, considered buying cigarettes (I haven't smoked in 15 months,) and cried a lot.  I had so many people tell me that I would handle it fine and that it was no big deal.  That made me feel like even more of a failure.

I'm climbing out of that hole, though.  I even laughed a few times today.  My coworkers are as jacked in the head as I am, and the "your mom" jokes were abundant.  That is what I needed.  I needed to take phone calls, answer emails, move orders, and laugh with coworkers.  I am still not a happy camper, but I'm feeling more and more like I can do this.

The nurse said that they'll likely remove the drain on Wednesday morning at my appointment.  I hope so, but I'm also scared to hope.  I want Kevin at the appointment when we discuss the future surgery, so I asked if that would happen this week.  It won't.  We'll just remove the drain (I hope) and assess the healing process.  I'm also cautiously hoping to ditch the sling.
I'm moving on.  I've always moved on.  What else can a person do?  I have a husband who takes incredible care of me.  I have kids who love me.  I have parents who live nearby, love me, and do their part to take care of me.  I am loved, and they'll love me through this.  It's what we do around here.

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small farm girl said...

I think I want to hear some of those "your momma" jokes. lol