Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello Winter! (and other things)

Just a short post, so I can avoid going a month between posts.
Winter has arrived.  It's a month or two late, but it's here.  The North wind is howling and making it miserably cold outside.  It also makes you cuss when you get out of your car.  Or maybe that's just me.  It's nasty out there.  We're supposed to have a blizzard tonight.  Not really.  We may see an inch. 

I have been sans computer for about four weeks.  I have some tech help getting Mom's old desktop PC back to working order for Kevin (it was fine when she put it away, not so much now) and I have a new laptop (thanks to some big love from a friend.)  The girls both have new laptops that they got for Christmas, so if I can get Kevin going, we're golden.  For now, he's using a mini.

If you are without a computer for a long time, it's takes a long time to catch up.  I tried to get on Facebook on my phone, but it's impossible to catch it all.  I had to TALK to my mom to find out what was going on.  Can you IMAGINE?  We had to use verbal interaction to let me know how the cows were doing.  Weird.

The youngest dog, Radar, had gender reassignment last week.  Well, not really, but he can no longer make babies.  He's completely back to his old self now, jumping and licking and running around the house like a crazy dog.  Well, he IS a crazy dog, but whatever.

OK, that's what's going on here.  Back to your regularly scheduled life.

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Donna said...

This was a nice surprise.