Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Night Driving, Computer Issues, and Busy Season

Yesterday, Kevin turned on his computer to find that it had crapped out.  I imagine it's a virus (again) but I can't whip it this time.  Yet.  LOL  We'll see.  We have the key, if we could find someone with a Windows XP operating system disk.  Most computers do not come with a disk these days.  Now, we're screwed.  I'll keep trying, but my hopes aren't extremely high.

Also, I don't have a ton of time.  We are in full-on busy season.  I have to brag that I took the most calls today.  Well, it only counts the calls that ask for "anyone in customer service."  It doesn't count the calls that ask for you.  Anyway, the school portrait season found me off the phones a lot, so it's great to get in and do my part.  It just sucks that it's dark when I get there, and dark when I leave.

I don't mind driving at night.  I don't mind driving in the rain.  I DETEST driving in the rain at night!  The road glares back at you, the windshield is glarey (not a word? Too bad!) and people ride their brakes non-stop.  I hate it, but I got home without dying, so I guess it's all good.

Now I shall relax and then go to bed.  Yup.  I'm tired.  It was a great weekend, but I think I'm still getting back into the swing of the work week.  LOL

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Lindie said...

I got my operating systems disk for under $15. I think I just checked with Sony (I had a Vaio) and they let me order it. If I knew where it was I would give it to you but not sure where it is! If I come across it I'll let you know.