Sunday, January 29, 2012

Favorite Color

I don't have a favorite color.  I don't think I ever have, or I don't remember.  I posted on Facebook about this, and had a record number of comments.  Most were joking around, but some were offers of help.  Mom suggested I look in my closet and see what color prevails in there.  Ummm, black and gray.  BORING.

Anyway, I thought about it all day and couldn't come up with anything.  Finally, knowing the day was drawing to an end, I started perusing my pictures.  Yup.  Apparently my favorite color is brown.  What shade of brown?  Hawkeye brown, thank you very much.

I love this guy.  Very  much.   With all my heart.


Amy said...

dude. I posted brown as one of my favorites, too!

Donna said...

Good decision, and I learned that you and Amy are twins. No wonder I've always liked her so much.