Monday, April 4, 2011

All for Nothing

Went to the Dr on Friday, and he spent way more time with me than I expected.  He said that I need to be walking on it, and not to wrap it unless it swells too much.  He also said that it could be as far as the 4th of July before I'm 100%.  Great.  LOL  I can tell I'm a bit better every day, so I am on the mend.

Saturday, we bought a gazebo that was a really good deal.  We spent about 3 hours and still didn't have it together, but it was getting close.  Sunday morning, Kevin and his mom left for a Royals game, and the girls and I decided to go finish the gazebo.

It was hard, but we did it.  Our arms were sore from tightening bolts over our heads, but we felt good that it was done.  Dad made some strong anchors out of rebar, since the stakes that it came with were wimpy.  We anchored it with the new anchors, since it was a REAL windy day, and then ran a quick errand.

When we got home, the gazebo was a wadded up mass of metal.  Totally ruined.  Mangled and destroyed. If it hadn't been for our fence, which caught it, it would have been in the highway, causing accidents.  I wanted to cry, but knew that there was work to do.  Natalie and I spent another couple of hours taking it apart into pieces of a manageable size.  What depressing work!

So, I didn't even own it for 24 hours.  I've wanted it for a long time, worked my butt off on it, and never got to relax in it.  I should have known.  Living on top of this hill means CONSTANT wind.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  I just wish I had something to show for these sore muscles!


Toon said...

When I read "Saturday, we bought a gazebo" I immediately thought 'uh oh'.
Sorry, kiddo.
That sucks.

Traci said...

Ack! Sorry about the gazebo! And your ankle. I broke mine years ago and it was a good year before it was normal sized.

Amy said...

dislike. that sucks.

FrankandMary said...

Oh hell. Sorry.