Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stupid Ankle/Whiney Baby

I keep going to bed, hoping that it'll be all better in the morning.  I wake up to a very stiff ankle that I cannot walk on, and then I want to cry.  Then, I find a way to gimp into the bathroom, crying or nearly crying all the way.  Pop some Advil, and go on.  I have 3 or 4 good hours each day, where I barely limp, but morning and evening suck.

I feel like a whiney baby, most of the time.  I have to ask others to do things at work, and I hate that.  I'm independent AND stubborn.  My right hip and knee hurt, from limping with the left foot.  My left calf is screaming, from walking funny.  I'm all done with this crap.

Tomorrow morning is my follow-up appointment.  I rarely attend follow-up appointments, for myself OR my kids.  Seriously, I'll show up tomorrow, spend an untold amount of time waiting for the doctor, who will come in, spend 30 seconds with me, and then say, "Yup, they were right.  It's sprained.  Now kindly pay on the way out."  Still, it's not much better, so I'll go.

I have things that I want and need to do.  None of them involve ice or an elevated foot.  None of them involve limping.  None of them involve asking others to take an order to billing for me.  *sigh*

Would somebody call the WAHHHmbulance?


Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog for awhile...I suck at commenting....! Just want you to know you really need to do your follow up appt...I broke my leg on my 40th bday (closing the door to someone's truck, I twisted, the rest of my body must of been at lunch because it did not go the same way as my torso) took six months in a walking cast for my injury to heal ..take care of it like you should so you can get back to being YOU ASAP!

Cindi said...

MRI on my stupid ankle today...sending (((hugs))) u feel better soon!

Lindie said...

Do what the doctor says! Stay off of it and keep it elevated and maybe iced. A sprain is harder to heal sometimes than a break. I have lived with the bad results for 25 years!

Anonymous said...

I hate telling people to do what the doctor says, but (cough), you should really do what the doctor says ;).