Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Days

Kevin started his day shift this week.  He's also currently working 10 hours a day (God bless OT) so he's out the door by 5, and home by 5:30 at night.  It's nice to have him home in the evenings again.  That puts me on morning duty, so I'm not going in as early right now, which suits me fine.

Monica's had early softball practice for a couple of days, so she has to be at the ball fields at 6:15.  I take her (less than a mile from  home) and come home to get Natalie up and around.  It's only the second day in, but it's going smoothly so far.

It's so nice to have the windows open all night, waking up to a cool (but not cold) house.  No warming up cars, no scraping frost/ice, and no miserable muttering when getting out of the car.  It's sunny on my drive home and for a couple of hours after.  It sure does make my mood a lot better.

The coffee is good this morning and I think I'll get to the eye Dr. this afternoon.  Time for new contacts, and I'm sure I need a stronger prescription.  *sigh*  The annoyance of being half blind.  I'd LOVE to have laser vision correction.  Maybe some day.  For now, I'll just be thankful for contacts.

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Anonymous said...

The coffee being good is so important to me that I feel a little shallow about it but....