Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday Eve!

It's Friday eve at last! What a week. Busy season wears me out! I'm happy that the weather will be absolutely stellar for Kevin and the girls to make the annual trek to Carthage for the Maple Leaf Festival. Many of the activities are not as fun for me as they are for Kevin, so I typically stay home. And so it goes this year.

I don't have huge plans. I'm going to take Tim running on Saturday. He never asks to go anywhere, and I know there are places that he'd like to see around Kansas City that would likely bore the girls to death. Saturday is for him to check some local spots out. I'll also take the mother of my beautiful grandbaby a Sonic soda for her lunch time. She gave me a beautiful, perfect child to enhance my life.

I gave the dogs a blanket on the back porch. It was an old blanket. It was for a twin bed, and we don't have any twin beds in the house. It was torn and the stuffing was coming out. It was a ratty old thing and the best choice to donate to dogs.

And it was Monica's favorite.

Crap. I really didn't know that, or I would have never done it. Some of the things that I think are important are ratty in the eyes of others. I should have thought it through. Monica has her Dad and her Grammy's "keep it" tendencies. I keep nothing. I'll regret it some day, but I hate the clutter that comes with. I wish there was middle ground somewhere in this house. I gotta learn to find sentimental value in more, and they need to let more go.

Anyway, I've apologized to Monica, and I'll think to ask in the future. Just wash it and give it back to her? Umm, she's not interested. Rayne is in heat. 'nuff said. Sorry, sis.


Toon said...

I was around fifteen when I saw my dad using one of my old favorite t-shirts (from when I was five or six) as an oil rag in the garage, He didn't know it was a piece of my history that I loved, but I still didn't talk to him for two weeks.

Sonya said...

Hey there. Checkin' in on you! I don't get a lot a reading blog time due to Frontierville. But I wanted to see what you were up to. Hope you have a great week! Sounds like you get up earlier than I do every day by your facebook statuses. See ya later gator!