Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Blended Family

With Tim came two dogs. Not at first, but the first time his Mom visited, she brought them up. Tim's dog Rayne was my hope, because he needed something here that was his own. I wanted him to feel like this was his home.

Rayne's sister Ame' stayed, too. She's been bitten by rattle snakes twice in TX, and fall is the worst for that. Besides, they're sisters! I didn't want them to be separated. I could tell a lot of dog stories, and probably will, but for now, it's just an introduction to the "new" dogs.

Rayne is the alpha of the pack now. Hawkeye allows it and does what she says. Ame' is not the least bit smart (she's really stupid) and is a target for Rayne to pick on. Rayne bullies her unmercifully and we intervene when it gets real ugly.

Because of this pack and their weirdness, everyone loves Ame'. They (we) all feel sorry for her, and it's tough to not be mad at Rayne 24/7. Rayne is doing her job, but it's annoying to see her bully all the time. I keep telling the girls that they shouldn't hate Rayne just because Hawkeye waits to eat until she's OK with it. He's at least 20 lbs overweight. He will NOT starve. He gets to eat twice a day, and he's fine.

OK, enough setup to a silly little story. Natalie and I were on the back porch today (the dogs have the back porch and the entire yard to call their own) and Natalie called Ame'. "Come here, Ame'. Come on, girl!" Ame' came, but so did Rayne, who can push in between any human and dog interaction. Natalie started singing "Rayne Rayne, go away...." I laughed my butt off.

Every time I hear that song now, I'm going to think of this bully dog. She needs love, too!

Stupid dogs.

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Anonymous said...

I'd rather someone bring pets into my home than people.
Just sayin'. ~Mary