Thursday, October 21, 2010

Animals on the Move

I'm used to the road kill slalom course that I drive each morning, dodging a dead skunk on the left and a partial raccoon on the right and most of a 'possum on the left. Yeah, no biggie. I'm used to it. Today, though, their still-living relatives were out full-force!

First, I saw a skunk walking beside the road. They have a slinky kind of walk that cracks me up, but I was worried that he'd turn around and head back into the road, so I gave him a WIDE area when I drove by.

Not far from that, there was a raccoon running across the road. He was HUGE! He would total the Smokin' Hot Neon! I slowed down to make sure he made it all the way across before I got there.

That made me paranoid the rest of the way in. I was sure I'd see a deer or something. Not today, though! I made it in without smashing anything...including my car.


Lindie said...

I had a pet raccoon when I was a child. Sneaky Sal or Sneaky Pete. We could never decide it's sex! It was sneaky!! and fun. Nothing worse than hitting a deer. I still feel sick about hitting a fawn years ago.

Anonymous said...

Had to leave the house in the dark this a.m. Thought the cat sneaked out with me....brushed against my leg, fast. Imagine....big black & white fluffytail, straight up, stomping rapidly with silly run....OH MY! SKUNK! I think I'll see that critter occasionally in my mind for many years!