Thursday, August 15, 2013

Moving Forward with my Best Friend

Because of my inability to go to a doctor's appointment lately without crying, Kevin has decided to go to every appointment with me from now on.  I thought that was sweet, but silly.  What's the need?  He went to the PS with me yesterday and it was so much easier on me.  It's amazing what a difference it made.  He was right.

In six weeks, we'll go talk to Dr. Dillow again and get the ball rolling for the TRAM flap surgery.  It should happen in mid-late October.  Having a target time helps a lot, too.  I was floundering around wondering what would happen and when, and I feel better knowing that it's coming soon.  Soon?  Well, after the 18 months I've just gotten through, mid October is soon.

I've gotten so many cards, letters, texts, messages, comments, and calls of support.  I am astounded.  I have people thinking of me and praying for me all across the country.  How could anything else go wrong with that kind of support?  :)  It won't.  I'm 2 months away from having Dr. Dillow make my body whole again.  That will be an amazing day.

I'm climbing out of my funk, and I'm sorry for being Debby Downer.  I had NO idea, when I got married, how much I'd need Kevin, and how much he'd step up and take care of me.  He has been amazing.  He's my rock.  He's my best friend.  I love him.

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Shell said...

It's amazing how those dudes who are rough around the edges are molten chocolate on the inside, isn't it? :) I have the same kind of husband.

Please give Kevin a hug from me. You all have been through hell and back. October will be here before we know it!

Love you!