Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time With My Kids

This weekend is an exciting one for me.  Tomorrow morning, we'll get up early, load into the car, and head 30 minutes away to my son Brett's house.  He'll load his family into their car and we'll hit the road for the three-hour trip to Carthage.  Kevin's family and our other son Jonathan all live down there.

We've rented three rooms at the Econo Lodge.  Jon, Kristen, and their two kids will stay in one, Brett, Melissa and their three will stay in one, and Kevin and I will occupy the other with our girls.  All of our grandkids will be in one place for the fist time ever.

The last time all four of our kids were in the same room, Kristen was pregnant with Zoe, and Melissa had just had Daniel.  I'm more excited than you can imagine!  We'll gather with extended family at Bamboo Garden (Kevin's all-time favorite Chinese buffet) tomorrow afternoon.  There are babies down there that need loved on by me, too.  Babies everywhere!

I have to make sure the battery pack is charged for my camera.  That and making sure we pack the Christmas presents are the only two things I'm concerning myself with.  The rest will work itself out.  I am smiling SO big right now.


Shell said...

This made me smile big FOR you. Have a wonderful time!

Jerry & Vikki said...

Now that's the way to end the year, positive
and loving on your grandbabies! Happy New Year
to you and your family.
Vikki in CA