Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Riding With a 15 Year Old

Tonight, I rode over to Odessa with Monica.  There were a lot of firsts.

  1. She drove that curvy, hilly, country highway for the first time.
  2. She pumped gas for the first time.
  3. She handled everything in top-notch fashion. (not really a first for her)
  4. She did a McD's drive through, ordering and paying.

Dad's going to work with her on her driving, because parents tend to get too jumpy and uptight.  My daddy is the best driving instructor I've ever met.  If he teaches her like he taught me, she's good to go.

I didn't post yesterday to get sympathy comments, but I appreciate knowing that I should update sometimes.  I'll do better.

Now it's time to watch Big Brother (recorded earlier) and unwind.  I'm still struggling with some things, but I'm putting them in better perspective.  I can do that, if given enough time.  My knee-jerk reaction is to cut some throats and say my piece.  With time, I realize that I don't need to walk through life with THAT big of a chip on my shoulder.


Traci said...

Go Monica! Your daddy seems like such a cool guy!

Jon said...

Wow, this brings back memories of when I was learning to drive on the freeways of Southern California (about a hundred years ago). My mom taught me to drive because she had infinte patience. My father had a temper and was a nervous wreck.

Amy said...

My hub taught me how to drive.

It was....less than fun. :-X

Donna said...

LOL @ Amy. I can relate. Cliff tried to teach me... one time. I decided not to drive at all. It was either that, or get a divorce.