Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My New Year's Eve Post

This time last year, I was SO happy to put cancer behind me.  All that was left was to get my exchange surgery and let my hair grow back.  What could go wrong?  2013 would be MY year.

Or not.

I did grow hair.  I also had my exchange surgery.  I spent 10 weeks in a sling, trying to get the implant to stay in place.  It failed, though.  The surgeon put another one in, and it failed, too.  Radiation just proved to be too damaging to my tissue.  We gave up and waited a few months so I could heal.

Oh yeah!  I almost forgot!  I also got lymphedema.  Oh joy of joys.  Lots of physical therapy, a compression pump, and a sleeve and glove became a part of my life.  Permanently.  With the lymphedema came cellulitis infections in my arm, and even a couple of stays in the hospital.

I've now had the TRAM flap surgery.  It is healing marvelously.  I'll return to work, probably next week, and get started on 2014.  I'm not going to pin all of my dreams on this being some magical year of no problems.  Every year has problems.  I'm just going to put 2013 behind me, hold my head high, and move on.

Because I'm alive.


small farm girl said...

This new year will be better! I feel it in my bones!!!!! :0)

Back Porch Writer said...

I hope 2014 brings you happy healing days with much laughter and pleasure. You deserve it after all you have been through.

Lindie said...

Wishing you all good magic! Happy New Year!