Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Well-Timed Visit

In the midst of all of the pre-surgery anxiety that I've been experiencing, Thanksgiving weekend came along and offered a wonderful distraction.  The fears did not completely disappear, but they certainly got tucked away for hours at a time as I laughed and ate and played.

Thursday was a wonderful day of indulgence.  I indulged in food, drink, and family.  My brother and his family were in town for the first time since before I was diagnosed with cancer.  That seems like a lifetime ago.  A lifetime of chemo, radiation, baldness, and fatigue.

I've loved my brother for a long time (not forever..ask my mother) but I have always taken for granted that we'd both be around forever.  Having mortality stare you in the face will fix that nonsense in a hurry.  I enjoyed his company and appreciated it like I never have before.

Saturday, we spent more time at Mom and Dad's.  More laughter, more fun, and more food.  Although we all consumed way too many calories over the past few days, we made the most of a short visit.  Jim, Deb, and Lyndsay are on the way home now, and I am ready to face my last work week of the year.

When the worries creep in, I'm going to access the memories of the past few days and use them to keep my head where it needs to be.  Family.  What else matters?


Jon said...

I'm so glad that you had such a nice and memorable Thanksgiving. A loving and supportive family is more valuable than anything else. Keep thinking positive thoughts, for the good things always expunge the bad ones.

small farm girl said...

I'm glad to hear you had a good this picture!!!!!!