Saturday, February 9, 2013

Approaching an Anniversary

It's February.  One month from today is a grim anniversary for me.  One month from today is the day when I got the call with the results of my biopsy.  A lot has happened in the past year.  This isn't a cancerversary post, though.  It just crossed my mind as I was doing my PT stretches this morning.

Physical therapy is going well.  That perky little therapist puts the hurt on me every Tuesday and Thursday, but I can really tell that it's working.  She told me that she is impressed with my progress and can really tell that I'm doing my work at home because my range of motion is improved already.  The hard ridge of muscle that was so visibly apparent in front of my shoulder is disappearing.

After last week's travel, it's nice to have a lazy Saturday morning.  Monica and I watched ABC Family movies and relaxed all morning.  That's my idea of paradise.  All of this while Kevin worked a half day for some OT.  I love his job and I love his willingness to put in a few extra hours to help with bills.  Truth be told, though, his OT today is probably directly related to an event that is happening next weekend.

In the mean time, I'm going to relax, maybe do some laundry, visit my parents, and watch silly movies.  Yup.  This is my kind of weekend.  The no-pressure kind.


Shell said...

I'm glad you are feeling almost back to feeling like the ornery Rachel that we all know and love. Having a sappy movie day is sometimes all we need.

Love you!

Anonymous said...
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