Tuesday, November 15, 2011

She Passed!

Monica took her driving test today.  It's her sweet 16, and she REALLY wanted to pass on the first try.  Our plan was for my dad to take her.  Sunday night, I was looking over the rules and see that it has to be a parent or legal guardian.  CRAP!  I make arrangements at work for me to take her.  She says that you can take the test in Richmond any day of the week.

This morning, as I go to the website to verify the hours, I see that they only test on Thursdays.  WHAT?  Oh NO!  I don't let the girls see me panic as they are getting ready.  The closest Tuesday testing spot was Carrollton, which is 40 minutes or so away.  40 minutes in the opposite direction of my work.  Oh, and one more small detail...they don't start until 10:30.  *sigh*

We dropped Natalie off at school, and headed right over.  We knew we'd be painfully early, but that would allow Monica to drive around this new town, figuring things out.  We arrived around 8:40.  I let her drive around, giving her instructions like they would.  She did great.  She was freaking out more by the minute, and so was I, but we held it together.

We entered the courthouse about 9:30, and started our wait.  At 10:20, the three (are they cops?) entered and told us to give them a few minutes.  Monica started sweating bullets.  I felt so bad for her that my stomach got upset.  She asked, "What if I need to puke?"  I said, "Do it before you get in the truck."  That was the end of that conversation.

The hag lady called us in, and said, "What kind of test are you here to take?"  Monica said, "Driving."  The heifer mumbled the word "permit," but neither of us knew what she wanted.  Monica said, "Excuse me?"  Jerk-face barked, "PERMIT!"  Monica dug it out and handed it over.  We were told to wait in the hallway.  Soon, the same ass-hat lady came out and asked for Monica, and said, "I'll follow you to your car."  I almost cried for her, as she headed out, away from me, and away from my protection, advice, and love.

There was another mother there, who had a son taking the test for the second time.  We talked about it and she helped me keep my mind off it.  He is the youngest of 5, so she's done this a time or two.  I wish I'd asked her name, because I'd love to thank her again.  I waited 2 1/2 hours 15 minutes, and Monica came walking back into the courthouse.  She looked scared to death, and I gave her the "So?" look, but got no reaction.

Crap.  She wasn't crying, and didn't shake her head "no," but she didn't nod, either.  The bitch lady was walking ahead of Monica, looking like the stick hadn't been removed from her ass, but had been driven deeper inside.  Finally, I made eye contact again and mouthed the word, "So???"  She finally nodded slightly, but never smiled.  She was SO freaked out.

The dried-up waste of oxygen kind officer told her to "work on the things we talked about," as she was filling out the paperwork.  I wanted to punch her for her attitude, but I didn't have time for a ticket or arrest.  I had to get to work!  She finished with, "You can go down to the license bureau to get your license."  I went into the hall and asked the nice 'other mother', "Where is the license bureau?"  She said, "You go down by the bank with the drive-through and...oh yeah, you're not from here.  You can do it anywhere."  THANK YOU!

Monica wanted to drive at this point, but I had to get to work (break some speed limits) so I told her I'd drive.  I flew like an idiot continued on to Lexington to the license place, and found the most laid back, chatty people I've ever met.  Good LORD but that took forever.  After that, we grabbed some McD's and I flew back home, kissed her, and jumped in my own car to go to work.

Thank goodness I didn't get a ticket.  I got to work, caught up on all I'd missed (email, voice mail, orders, etc) and left at 5:15.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I'm home and good for tonight.  PHEW.

Oh, and my little baby girl is a licensed driver!


Anonymous said...

Funny stuff. Your dad

Amy said...

You'd think those jerks would realize these kids are scared out of their wits and at least TRY to be a little nice....ugh....